Family Dinner

Family Dinner Part Two: A Shaky Start

Kate Hilton, Keep Calm, Best Selling AuthorI’m drinking a glass a wine as I write this, having just yelled: “Do I need to come in there?”  This should give you a sense of how well family dinner went today.

Tonight was turkey and corn night.  Smoked turkey, to be precise.  I have a lot of it in my freezer at the moment, because my husband and I had a miscommunication over the weekend and we each bought a 20-pound bird for the Labour Day Green Egg turkey-smoking project (we’re Canadian).  In order to work through the great turkey surplus of 2013, I have postponed mac and cheese night.

Incidentally, here is an incredible method for cooking corn that I just learned over the weekend.  It’s a total game-changer.  Put full ears of corn in the microwave on high heat, four minutes per ear of corn (I haven’t tried more than two at a time).  When the time is up, use a sharp knife to cut the thick end off.  Grasp the top of the ear firmly (it will be very hot, so use an oven mitt, or paper towel), and squeeze.  The perfectly cooked cob should slide right out, leaving you holding the husk and silk.  Amazing.  I’ll never boil corn again.

And yes, I digress.  That’s on purpose.  Here’s what happened:  Everyone ate the corn.  One child ate the turkey.  The other steadfastly refused to touch it, and wept until a hot dog was proffered.

Let’s call it a draw.  Onward.

Kate Hilton, Keep Calm, Best Selling Author

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