Coming June 23, 2020

Better Luck Next Time

A laugh-out-loud generational family comedy for those of us who have survived siblings, children, parents, and marriage

It isn’t easy being related to a feminist icon, especially when she’s celebrating the greatest moment of her storied career.

Just ask the daughters of Lydia Hennessey, who could have it all if only they’d stop self-destructing. Mariana, the eldest, is on the verge of throwing away a distinguished reputation in journalism, along with her marriage. Nina, the middle daughter, has returned from a medical mission overseas as a changed woman but won’t discuss it with anyone. And Beata, the youngest, has a hostile teenaged son who just discovered the existence of a father who didn’t know about him either. Meanwhile, their cousin Zoe is making divorce look like a death-match, while her brother Zack is grappling with the fallout from his popular television dramedy, based far too closely on Lydia herself.


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FIlm and TV Announcement

The TV and digital rights to BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME have been sold to Untitled Entertainment. For more about the deal, read here!